First Question! Yay!

I have gotten my first question recently! Yay! This is Friendship Advice, I would usually put it in that tab, but since it’s my first question, I’ll put it on the Home Page! Here it Is:

Dear Annieadvice:

My best friend recently moved away. All I had was this one friend that’s kinda mean. She’s really nice on the phone, and all, but when we actually get together, all she does is sit on the corner, texting. We both love to read and she kept telling me how amazing this series was, but she wouldn’t tell me the name. When I finally found it, she blew up at me because I read them. I’m kind of mad now, because she kept telling me how amazing they were. What should I do? Keep the friendship, or try to find somebody else? I’ve gone to tons of advice people, and they say to ditch her. For some reason I don’t want to do that. Help!


Dear Neglected:

I understand what you mean. I was recently in a scrape like that. I really didn’t want to end the friendship, but one day, she insulted me ( again) and I just politely sent her an e-mail that I didn’t want a friend who disrespected me. I wouldn’t call her, If I were you, and just say that you never wanted to speak to her again, or anything, just e-mail her saying that you don’t want a friend that would brag about something than say she can’t have it. If you don’t have e-mail, or internet all together, than talking is alright. Don’t yell, though. Say what you want to say and hang up. Less chance of a fight if it’s brief.

Hope this Helps, and best of luck with your friend,




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  1. annieadvice Said:

    hope this helps, everybody who’s in a scrape like this!:)

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