Love Advice

Here is the first Love advice of the blog!

Dear Annieadvice:

I have a crush on this amazingly cute guy, and I sit across from him in school! Unfortunately, he knows I exist. How is that a bad thing, you may ask? Well, we were walking to the bus stop one really rainy day and I tripped and fell into a humongous mud pile. I was soaked head to foot with mud, and everybody was laughing… including my crush. He probably thinks I’m a total doof now! How do I make an effort to get him to like me while hoping he doesn’t remember that day? Or do you think he doesn’t like me at all now? Help!!



Dear Hopeless:

Laugh and wipe it off. If the day has passed more than a month, I suggest starting a conversation with him using it! Simply wait till he’s at his locker or alone in the hallway or something- don’t pass notes in class, it’s much better in person- go up to him and say, “Hey, you probably remember me from that evil puddle. I’m (insert name here), and you looked like you wanted to meet the famous mud monster. What’s up?” That should do it. Also, make sure it’s plenty of time before the next bell rings. Longer conversation equals better chance. If he never talks to you or even waves or smiles at you in a hallway again, take it as a sign that it’s not meant to be.

Hope this helps!



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